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Hows does the CaptiFi USB Wifi Antenna work?
The CaptiFi is a all-in-one USB wifi antenna. It combines a high gain, purpose-built 8dB omni-directional antenna with a high output (200mw) USB Wifi Adapter. This plugs directly into the USB port on your Windows, Mac or Linux based computer and provides up to 15 times the range of a integrated wireless card.

Can I mount this antenna to my boat/RV/car/truck/trailer/donkey?
Yes. The CaptiFi is completely weatherproof and designed specifically to be mounted outside. Mounting the unit outside will give you better connectivity with less attenuation of the signal because of obstructions (boat hulls, RV walls, etc). The unit has a one-inch 14-thread marine mount base to screw into a standard marine mount or correctly threaded pipe.

Do I need an integrated/internal/pre-existing wireless card or Macintosh Airport to use the CaptiFi?
No, the CaptiFi has everything you need for long range WiFi connections built right in. No other equipment other than a computer with a USB 2.0 port is needed.

But other 8dB Wifi Antennas i've seen are 20 or 30 inches long, why is this one so small? Are you guys pumping up your specs? Does it work as well as other 8dB antennas?
The antenna element (which is under the white ABS radome) is a purpose-built antenna originally designed by RadioLabs for military installations. This antenna uses a proprietary antenna array and element construction, allowing a much higher gain in a much smaller package. It actually is a 8dBi gain antenna and when used in conjunction with the USB WiFi adapter in the anodized base, gives you a EiRP (Effective isotropically radiated power) of over 1 Watt (1000 milliWatts!). So no, we are not pumping up the specifications of this antenna and yes, it will work as well or better than antennas of similar gain. If you doubt it, we ask you to try it out and find out for yourself!

How can I find drivers for my device?
To install drivers for your device, especially if it’s a few years old, you have a couple of options. For Windows OS (XP, 7, 8, etc.) you can proceed to the device manager and locate the device (it must be connected to the machine; if you aren’t sure which device is your antenna simply remove the adapter and the device manager will refresh. You should see the unit disappear- plug it back in and it will reappear. That’s of course if it’s still functioning). Once the device is located, right click on it and select properties; some of the newer operating systems will auto-install drivers once a unit is connected. If the status states “Your device is working properly” then your unit’s drivers are properly installed. If you receive a message stating otherwise then select the “Driver” tab from the properties window and then select “Update Driver.” At this time Windows will search the web for the appropriate drivers for your device. You will need an internet connection for this method. The other alternative would be to search the web for drivers for your device. In order to do this you must first identify which network adapter your unit is using. This can be done by plugging it into a device that has drivers installed and then proceeding to the device manager. Here you should find the information you need. If your unit is out of warranty we do offer a service here at the shop where you can send in your device and upgrade it to our current generation of adapter. This applies to our USB external adapters, but may also apply to your Wave Plus for example. You can call anytime and one of our techs will see if your device qualifies for an upgrade, but we no longer support units that are outside of the one year warranty period. Furthermore, we technically can’t be responsible every time an individual makes changes when it comes to their network equipment and computers. If you are using an Apple OS your options are even more limited, as you will need to identify your adapter and then search the web for the drivers for your current version of the Mac OS.

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