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RadioLabs electronic products are unique and diverse. We sell many of these consumer electronics because we are so impressed with them that we want to share our enthusiasm. We are the creators and exclusive distributors of many of our other electronic products, and we are always looking for new ideas and interesting products.


Solar Panels and Power Packs
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Solar Panels & Battery Systems

RadioLabs has a wide array of solar panels and portable power systems. Various sizes of solar panels allows you to use alternative energy on any budget. These systems are made locally and are very durable over time. You can purchase individual solar panels, solar panel systems with portable battery power packs, or just the battery packs themselves. Alternative power is a requirement in case of an emergency and these solar panels are also very useful on a daily basis or weekend camping expedition.

16 Amp Battery
Solar Panels

Meters & Multimeters
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Meters & Multimeters

We offer a wide range of meters and multimeters at wholesale prices. These are the perfect gift for anyone who works or plays with electronics.


Gadgets & Toys

It doesn't get much better than these low cost high-tech toys. We have an amazing little atomic alarm clock that makes waking up more fun than ever. We also have a cool desk lamp that cleans the air in your home or office. Also check out our rotating heater fan that you can buy for half off the retail price

Space Heater
Desk Lamp & Ionizer

Battery Chargers & Power Supplies

We have a great little NiMH/Nicad battery charger and an assortment of rechargeable batteries. Check out these unbelievable prices no power supplies that are good for the environment and your pocketbook.

NiMH/Nicad Battery Charger
Portable Solar Power Pack
NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Computer Hardware

Take a look at our assortment of computer hardware and electronic devices. We have scanners, printers, DVD burners, multimedia projectors, and much more.


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High-quality low price test electronic instruments. We currently have an electronic measuring tape, frequency counters, and an amazing vacuum tube stereo amplifier.

Frequency Counter
Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier
Multi-Function Frequency Counter
Portable Power Pack with 10 Watt Solar Panel  

Portable Power Pack with 10 Watt Solar Panel

This Portable Solar Power Pack will power most small electronic devices. It includes a 10.4 Watt Solar Panel, Power Pack with Carrying Case, and a universal DC stepdown. It is lightweight and very easy to use. The solar panels are made from the highest output mono-crystalline epoxy coated solar cells and are extremely light weight and fold to a very small size.
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Price: $449
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