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At RadioLabs, our design engineers are experienced in all phases of electronic engineering from RF and the latest wireless technology to basic analog and digital circuits.

Featured Systems
  Electronic Design  
Electronic Design
Our team of engineers can take your product from idea to manufacturing in the shortest time possible. All engineering is performed with the latest software tools and tested on the newest state-of-the art equipment. With a combined international design workforce of over 30 RF design engineers, 20 analog/digital engineers, 15 mechanical engineers and 5 Industrial design engineers, Radiolabs can design any product you desire. Radiolabs is not limited to only radio and wireless design however, as we have medical, commercial broadcasting and a team of engineers, which specialize in Hi-Fi audio equipment. More.....
  Electronic Design Services  
Electronic Engineering Design
All RF, wireless, analog and digital designs are completed with the latest modelling software and then tested with real world hardware design.

When you contact RadioLabs for your design project, whether it's military, medical, aviation or consumer electronics related, all designs are guaranteed to meet or exceed your design specifications. Please feel free to contact one of our representatives for a personal quote on your next design project.


Cables and Accessories

RadioLabs USB Wifi Router Repeater - WiJacker

The easiest way to make any RadioLabs USB Antenna wireless. Share your USB wifi connection with multiple devices and turn your WaveRv Marine, O2Connect, Captifi or WaveRV antenna into a personal hotspot.

WiFi Antennas Wifi Antennas

RadioLabs carries stock in 802.11 antennas. We have parabolic dishes, yagis, backfire antennas, desktop, flexible replacement antennas for the most popular routers.

Custom Cables Custom Cables

RadioLabs offers a complete line of 802.11 antennas. In addition, we also have the cables in stock to finish your installation. We have standard cable length and connectors available and we can make a custom...More....

RadioLabs AM/FM and shortwave products AM/FM/SW Radio

RadioLabs now carries a full line of AM/FM and shortwave radio products. We also have APCO25 digital scanners, 2-way radios, CB Radios and high-end receivers. More....

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