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RadioLabs is proud to offer modifications on radios and radio products. They improve performance, and make the products more of a pleasure to use. Our engineering and technical teams work to find improvements on existing products, as well as developing our own. When we find a great product, or even if we just want to enhance an old favorite, it goes through many steps before it is released to our customers. From development in our engineering department all the way to the final testing in our technical department, we make sure that it is done right. It also must be a significant improvement over the original product performance. Quite simply, these modifications can make a huge difference in the feel and function of the product. They are enhancements to well designed products, making them that much more of a pleasure to use, and in some cases, something you just can't live without.

Sangean ATS-909

Click here to send us your Sangean ATS-909 for the Super 909 modification

This modification provides a multitude of upgrades to your stock or previously modified Sangean ATS-909. Along with upgraded filters, a new speaker, bright blue backlight LEDs, tuning knob detent removal and an external SW antenna jack, we can repair many common 909 problems at the same time. Broken backstands, cracked LCD covers, broken or malfunctioning DC power jacks, we do it all. Contact us for additional information. ( This is for the ATS-909 Radio only not the ATS-909X)

Sangean ATS-909X

Already have a ATS-909X and want to send it in for a modification? Send it into us and experience what real shortwave/am/fm radio is supposed to sound like, for a very minimal cost. You've never heard your favorite stations come in so clear!
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Don't have an ATS-909X to send in for the MOD upgrade? That's OK we have plenty in stock with the upgrade already completed.
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